The act of closing a sale has many stages. Once an offer has been accepted there may be actions that are required of you, as well as preparation that must be ready to make closing possible.



Required Actions


Once you have sold your house, there are actions that may be required of you. The contract may stipulate specific actions that must be accomplished prior to closing. Some of these may include:



Home Inspection

          Property appraisal
          Home repair
          Appliance and/or fixture replacement


Your agent can coordinate everything that needs to be done to insure the sale. Ways in which an agent can help you include:



Creating a time frame for repairs and improvements

    Coordinating any actions needed to finalize the sale
    Monitoring work so it is accomplished in a timely fashion



Closing Preparation


A real estate agent can be a big help in getting you ready to close on the sale of your house. Some areas in which I can assist you include:


          bullet Coordinating the necessary documentation with your closing officer
          bullet Insuring all proper documentation is prepared
          bullet Check that all parties are properly prepared for closing. For example, confirming the proper form of payment made out to the correct party
          bullet Double check on closing time and location
          bullet Aid in contacting relocation services
          bullet Communicating with the closing attorney
          bullet Staying in touch with your lender


Closing Day


It is during closing that the property is transferred from one person to another. If everything has been attended to prior to this day, the closing should go smoothly. Your agent can provide you with the necessary support essential during this final phase. Services include:


          bullet Explaining the process to you
          bullet Explaining the closing documents to you
          bullet Homes with "curb appeal" (well-maintained, attractive and with a charming appearance from the street) are the easiest to resell
          bullet Being present at closing to mediate any last minute issues
          bullet Being present at closing to make sure all goes as planned