When you receive an offer from a potential buyer there are still many things to consider before you accept or counter the offer.



When to Accept


You should accept an offer only when you are satisfied with every aspect of that offer. Getting to the point of acceptance can be a large task. The offer is a contract and, thus, a legal document.

I can help you through this process by determining if the offer is presented by a qualified buyer and reviewing the offer to insure it is written properly and covers all the necessary information. I will be looking for:



A legal description of the property

          Offering price
          Amount of the down payment
          Financing arrangements
          A list of fees and who will pay them
          Amount of the deposit
          Inspection rights and possible repair allowances
          The method of conveying the title and who will handle the closing
          A list of appliances & furnishings which will stay with the home
          The settlement date
          Any relevant contingencies





Most home purchase offers involve some level of negotiation and I have a lot of experience in dealing with this aspect of the real estate. I am focused on protecting your interests which will save you time and money. The services I provide include:



          Representing you through the offer, negotiation, and acceptance processes.


          Reviewing the written offer with you to make sure that you thoroughly understand what the buyer is offering and what they are asking for in return.


          Helping you understand the issues contained in the offer and how they will affect you.


          Protecting your best interests throughout the negotiations.



Points of negotiation may include:


          Closing costs
          Necessary repairs